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Dr Gilluppsie's rounds - #3

moodlefan on 9. Feb, 2011 — Lang: English

Dr Gilluppsie's rounds - #3
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    Dr Gillupsie asking surgeons on his team about their work.

    Now imagine Dr Gillupsie as a school principal, surgeons as teachers, and medical procedures, body parts referrred to as 'content', method and reasons for teaching it in schools.

    Extracted from 'Teaching as a Subversive Activity', Postman & Weingartner (1971)

    Third in the series of three strips.



    Well, Carstairs, how have things been going?

    I'm afraid I've had some bad luck, Dr Gillupsie. No operations this week, but three of my patients died.

    Well, we'll have to do something about this, won’t we? What did they die of?

    I’m not sure, Dr Gillupsie, but I did give each one of them plenty of penicillin.

    Ah! The traditional 'good for its own sake' approach, eh, Carstairs?

    Well, not exactly, Chief. I just thought that penicillin would help them get better.

    What were you treating them for?

    Well, each one was awful sick Chief, and I know that penicillin helps sick people get better.

    It certainly does, Carstairs. I think you acted wisely.

    And the deaths, Chief?

    Bad patients, Dear, bad patients. There's nothing a good doctor can do about bad patients. And there's nothing a good medicine can do for bad patients, either.

    But still, I have a nagging feeing that perhaps they didn't need penicillin, that they might have needed something else.

    Nonsense! Penicillin never fails to work on good patients. We all know that.
    I wouldn't worry too much about it, Carstairs.

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