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Dr Gillupsie's rounds - #2

moodlefan on 9. Feb, 2011 — Lang: English

Dr Gillupsie's rounds - #2
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    Dr Gillupsie asking surgeons on his team about their work.

    Now imagine Dr Gillupsie as a school principal, surgeons as teachers, and medical procedures, body parts referrred to as 'content', method and reasons for teaching it in schools.

    Extracted from 'Teaching as a Subversive Activity', Postman & Weingartner (1971)

    Second in the series of three strips.



    How about you, young Dr Fuddy? What have you done this week?

    Busy. Performed four pilonidal-cyst excisions.

    Didn't know we had that many cases.

    We didn't, but you know how fond I am of pilonidal-cyst excisions. That was my major in medical school, you know.

    Of course, I’d forgotten. As I remember it now, the prospect of doing pilonidal-cyst excisions brought you into medicine, didn't it?

    That's right, Chief. I was always interested in that. Frankly, I never cared much for appendectomies


    Well, that seemed to be the trouble with the patient in 397.

    But you stayed with the old pilonldal-cyst excision, eh?

    Right, Chief.

    Good work Fuddy.
    I know just how you feel. When I was a young man, I was keenly fond of hysterectomies.

    (giggling) Little tough on the man, eh chief?

    Well, yes (snickering). But you'd be surprised at how much a resourceful surgeon can do.

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