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Dr Gillupsie's rounds - #1

moodlefan on 9. Feb, 2011 — Lang: English

Dr Gillupsie's rounds - #1
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    Dr Gillupsie asking surgeons on his team about their work.

    Now imagine Dr Gillupsie as a school principal, surgeons as teachers, and medical procedures, body parts referrred to as 'content', method and reasons for teaching it in schools.

    Extracted from 'Teaching as a Subversive Activity', Postman & Weingartner (1971)



    Well, Jim, what have you been up to this week?

    Only one operation. I removed the gall bladder of the patient in Room 421.

    What was his trouble?

    No trouble. I believe it's just inherently good to remove gall bladders.

    Inherently good?

    I mean good in itself.
    I'm talking about removing gall bladders qua removing gall bladders.

    Oh, you mean removing gall bladders per se.

    Precisely, Chief. Removing his gall bladder had intrinsic merit. It was, as we say, good for its own sake.

    Splendid, Jim. I won't tolerate a surgeon who is merely practical. What's in store next week?

    Two frontal lobotomies.

    Frontal lobotomies qua frontal lobotomies, I hope?

    What else?

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