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Mnimal Konfusion

DarkPg77 on 7. Sep, 2007 — Lang: Italiano

Mnimal Konfusion
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    ok. it is september.
    (the pillar of) Autumn is near....the summer is go away to a better place...
    LoL...i'm sad..
    LoL the summer...the winter...the spring...what's the theme of this stripe?
    oh, yeah,,,confusion....:))))))))))))))

    ok...è settembre....
    autunno è alle porte...l'estate se ne sta andando in posti migliori...
    già, l'estate...l' primavera...qual'era il tema di questa striscia???
    ah già, la Confusione...:))))))))))))))


    darkpg77, minimal konfusion
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  • MadameCercle 8.9.2007
    * * *
    ~ ~ ~
  • Yaza 8.9.2007
    ehehehe vero porta confusione :)
  • mrstew 8.9.2007
    I love fall
  • xideum 7.9.2007
    yeah too bad the summer's gone
  • Smarfette 7.9.2007
    It seems we all will miss a lot this summer :/
  • Spigaw 7.9.2007
    Wow! Nice design, anyway!
    I know this period... Not the best of the year, for sure.

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