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One Lump or Two?

ryoko on 22. Jan, 2011 — Lang: English

One Lump or Two?
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  • antoncosta 28.1.2011
  • wolfdude755 27.1.2011
  • Detective 26.1.2011
  • scorpion6782 25.1.2011
    hmmm.... Was it possibly marvin the martian? At least, thats what i remember with him always carrying a giant red hammer.
  • Maoriman 24.1.2011
    Ohhhhhh that is just BAD BAD BAD!
    Gratz on Featured as well:DD
  • ryoko 24.1.2011
    Thanks for all the gratz!
  • leentje 24.1.2011
  • BaalMoloch 24.1.2011
    Grats for bribed strip & featured artist !
  • Mashedpotato 24.1.2011
    Hehe classic :P
  • lama 24.1.2011
    grats grats .... now Im heavy working for the pressentation in a no virtual medias....paper, inks and ...for examp ..
  • 35sheep 24.1.2011
    Grats on well deserved featured artist!!!
  • zombiezombie 24.1.2011
    Congratulations in recapitulation.
  • ryoko 24.1.2011
  • Flash 24.1.2011
    Grats on bribed and Featured Artist!!
  • Paperbooks 23.1.2011
    Poor Cous Cous. It is a never win situation for him--sort of like work...
  • benjamin895 23.1.2011
    cool... gratz on bribed:)

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  • MISISIS 23.1.2011
    sugarmice in the rain
  • zombiezombie 23.1.2011
  • ryoko 23.1.2011
    Wow thanks everyone! I really did not expect this one to get bribed!
  • Drachir 23.1.2011
    One for you and one for me
    But one and one and one
    Pardon me - comes to three
    Looking sweet and all the while
    Hid behind the smile was saccharine
    I'm a go between
    Save me, save me
    Baby, baby sugar me
    Gotta get my candy free
    Sugar me by day
    sugar me my baby,
    baby sugar me
    Gotta get my candy free
    Sugar me by day,
    sugar me by night
    Sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar

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