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The Wedding Road

anonymous on 15. Jan, 2011 — Lang: English

The Wedding Road
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    What it takes to see your Wedding Day

    It all begins with two people on earth. These two people have already experienced life, hardships, happiness, success, failure and ultimatly love. These two people we call mom and dad. They have conqured the crazy battle of horomones and emotions, have been joined in holy matromony and have spilled their love over to create ... me.

    and kind of depressed when I look at the long road ahead of me.

    Young love
    When life is its craziest. You think this is the one and the only person you will ever be with. This is the only time in your life where love really is blind. It never works out and the beak up is difficult but the first is always the worst.

    Once you're over the break up you will feel this sense of freedom, power and independance. You will feel confident and realize that you don't need someone to complete you.

    Pubirty will come and go. You will change and horomones will make you crazy. You will see other couples and become saddened and bitter.
    If you wait for love to bloom on its own then you will be proteced and become strong. If not then look at the next comic.

    You will find someone who makes you happy and cares for you but you know deep in your heart that the love is not there. But who cares, you will suffer through the hardest parts to get tiny glimpses of happiness. In the end... its another heart break.

    After the break up, sorrow, grief, recovering, happiness, power, confidence, and bitterness the choice will arise once again to wait for love or to settle again. If you settle then the near future will look alot like this...

    The time will fly by and you will finally become an adult with the experiencce of love, loss and grief. But you will never fail to find that freedom and self-confidence.

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    Then when you least expect it. You will find love... or it will find you. That person will seem perfect and flawless. Then you will conform into the two people that brought you int this world.

    Joined in holy matromony and spilled over to create...

    Wedding, Love, Patience
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