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Experimental sky

Varg on 14. Jan, 2011 — Lang: No text

Experimental sky
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  • soulessemo17 11.11.2011
    hmmmmmm i like it
  • gregheffleydude1 21.10.2011
    I love that experiment!
  • Robukka 4.7.2011
    Great texture I think this is successful.
  • lolforce 2.4.2011
    oh mazing
  • Supermassive 25.2.2011
    thats amazing!
  • Ninjo 24.2.2011
    Very great !
  • MadameCercle 18.2.2011
    Très intéressant.
  • nkim1 16.1.2011
  • MISISIS 16.1.2011
    I love the various types of blue
  • screenman 16.1.2011
    niiiiiice !
  • lama 15.1.2011
    . . .. ...., . ....
  • Drachir 15.1.2011
    He said I lay right there once at the edge of the rock
    I was ready to jump, I was ever so lost
    But this gentleman stopped and said something I never forgot
    For billions of years since the outset of time
    Every single one of your ancestors survived
    Every single person on your mum and dad's sides successfully looked after and passed onto you life
    What are the chances of that like?
    It comes to me once in a while
    And everywhere I tell folk it gets the best smile
  • Drachir 15.1.2011
    I'm really okay thanks, there's nothing to witness
    I said as I looked back from the edge of the cliff
    The old man looking down leant over the ridge
    Stood with a grin as if a blessing had hit him
    I slumped on the jut of the cliff
    Just leave me alone, this is none of your business
    I will said the old man, but just one thing
    And what he said was so lovely it stunned me
  • cirkuz 15.1.2011
  • SnakeYukin 15.1.2011
  • Brezhoneg 15.1.2011
    Nice !
  • Warhammerfan 15.1.2011
    lovely sky
  • Ambrosius77 15.1.2011
    CLH's texture is very usable indeed.
  • ryoko 15.1.2011
    I agree with calm... but I also think it looks like a watercolor
  • calm 15.1.2011
    It's so beautiful. It reminds me of batik.

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