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Varg on 11. Jan, 2011 — Lang: English

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  • Netrunner 14.2.2011
  • Stiltsen 20.1.2011
  • ryoko 13.1.2011
    he is a pretty cool guy visually and descriptively! Thanks
  • SnakeYukin 12.1.2011
    That does look like a Wiimote... I'm sure they have one somewhere. They gotta get bored now and then.
  • Varg 12.1.2011
    It´s his palette of couse, and in his other hand is his brush... He IS the god of writing!
  • 35sheep 12.1.2011
    Nope - that looks like a spirit level. Maybe he's the egyptian god for carpenters? ;-)
  • firelordA2 12.1.2011
    xDDDD he is holding Wee remote...
  • Ambrosius77 12.1.2011
    That's not a wii, but an Xbox360 :D
  • Brezhoneg 12.1.2011
    Great ! Thank you !!
  • DePrompt 12.1.2011
    Is he playing Wii?

    j/k nice work :D
  • calm 12.1.2011
    Varg, your work never ceases to amaze me! :-)
  • Varg 12.1.2011
    Maoriman: Everone keeps telling me that!! Even though I don´t think I qualify as a geek, not right now at least...
  • Maoriman 12.1.2011
    You ARE such an uber geek, Varg:DD. But I have to admit it does sound rather cool...

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  • Varg 11.1.2011

    To add to JRMarklins fine description of this God, Thoth is associated with the moon, the passing of the seasons and with time. Furthermore he acts as mediator, between different gods, between gods and humans, even between the forces of good and evil... Thoth is also the devine keeper of records and it is he who questions the souls after death to find out weather they have lived god or bad lives...

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  • JRMarklin 11.1.2011
    In Egyptian mythology, Thoth is the inventor of writing, the deity of wisdom
    En la mitología egipcia, Tot es el inventor de la escritura, deidad de la sabiduría
  • Veronique 11.1.2011
    genial ¡
  • Detective 11.1.2011

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