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Light My Fire

Ambrosius77 on 3. Jan, 2011 — Lang: No text

Light My Fire
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  • MrTerrorKiller 21.5.2013
    that is awesome
  • JUma 22.1.2013
    where is drachir to sing...?

    c'mo baby light my fire...
  • generalX8 30.8.2012
    the doors
  • Fiolet 13.3.2012
    Cool. I feel warm now. 8)
  • stihl 6.2.2012
  • NathanTo 3.12.2011
  • gregheffleydude1 16.10.2011
    Incredible fire
  • Ambrosius77 23.5.2011
    Yep, hacking is the key. I've tried other method for achieve the same result, but I had no luck.
  • 35sheep 23.5.2011
    @occams: What opeluna said: You mask it from the items in the christmas pack.

    Ambrosius' yellow in this strip, was done "hacking" the engine (his own words, I believe! ;-D), or at least using/abusing a bug, that has been removed since. As far as I know, you can NOT make "real yellow" like in this strip any more.
  • opeluna1 23.5.2011
    @occams, as far as I know, only on the theme packs and you use the color masking shapes as u need them...;)
  • OccamsRayzor 23.5.2011
    Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get yellow? Pretty please? The only yellow I've seen in a theme pack, is in a Xmas one and that was a couple of premade items. Anyone?
  • Ynnad 22.5.2011
    Calm was right, this is a good fire! Thumb's up!
  • stickfigure206 7.5.2011
  • SubZero0123 6.5.2011
    Ohh very nice!!
  • BLACKD98L 2.5.2011
    awsome colors
  • gustavoprihl 17.4.2011
  • guzman6001 30.1.2011
    Like it ^^
  • screenman 16.1.2011
    good !
  • Maoriman 5.1.2011
    Gratz on bribed...
  • nkim1 5.1.2011
    grats! it is really good

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