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Ni ez naiz BWANA

abrotons on 2. Jan, 2011 — Lang: Euskara

Ni ez naiz BWANA
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    Another thing: I don't like my SG title. BWANA. I think it's quite racist. I prefered the old one: MASTER. That sounds good, but bwana!!!!

    If you call me Bwana, my alien is going to have a talk with you. Soft words.

    My name's Angel.

    This strip is a reply to I wanna be a god!!!!!, Clan Feud, Bwana :)), ..., and now...i'm BWANA, Promoted: Bwana



    Beste gauza bat: nire SG tituloa ez zait gustatzen: BWANA. Arrazista ematen nau.
    Lehenagokoa hobea zen: MASTER.
    Hau oso ondo entzuten da. baina bwana!!!!

    Bwana deitzen banauzu,

    nire extralurtarra zuekin hitz egingo du. Leun hitzak.

    Angel izena dut.

    Ni, extralurtarra
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  • abrotons 13.12.2015
    actually not!
  • A2H 13.12.2015
    Well, I guess once you get past that rank, it doesn't matter as much.
  • calm 3.7.2014
    You worked your way through the ranks quickly! I liked qenene's comment. That suits you! :-)
  • Veronique 5.2.2013
  • qenene 29.9.2012
    Bwana means gentleman in Swahili.
  • Balistiko6 29.9.2012
    What does "Bwana" mean? Why is it racist?
  • paco_de_pinda 12.9.2012
    What the Banana is Bwana!?.. Congratz on becomming Legend!
  • abrotons 5.5.2012
    so am I
  • MJardin 4.5.2012
    I'm just glad the SG implementors didn't use Grand Moff as a stage-title.
  • ryoko 3.1.2011
    hmmmm... Just keep up the good work and you can be a Duke like me.... however being a girl, I find all the "male" titles a bit annoying
  • Maoriman 3.1.2011
    Never really thought about the title "Bwana"...

    edited by owner

  • bluesockmonkey 2.1.2011
    There's only one solution: make lots more strips for us to enjoy & also lots of comments, and that title will be replaced. (i agree, "Bwana" has unpleasant connotations.)

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