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Matters of the heart - 55

35sheep on 5. Sep, 2007 — Lang: English

Matters of the heart - 55
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  • bluesockmonkey 10.7.2011
    hahahaha!! i don't even want to know why Homer went blind!
  • mrstew 5.9.2007
    Cute. I hear Homer drank himself silly on wine, not beer, then wrote the stories. No wonder.
  • ASHA 5.9.2007
    Fantastico !!!
  • Neokratos 5.9.2007
    haha blush XD
  • Spigaw 5.9.2007
    Hahaha! Poor ninja... Thanks for the link, anyway ^^
  • 35sheep 5.9.2007
    By the way: This strip is currently taking place inside Spigaws 'Orange Dimension' which you can see in his strip 'The Other Side' at

    It's really great - there's a reason he's alpha-user!!!

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