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Matters of the heart - 54

35sheep on 5. Sep, 2007 — Lang: English

Matters of the heart - 54
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  • bluesockmonkey 10.7.2011
    uh oh...he's in trouble!
  • Smarfette 5.9.2007
    Agree with Lilit - good luck ;)
  • Spigaw 5.9.2007
    Oh yes you're right! But haha I had an exam this morning, and I think I did my best on it, so I can strip xD
  • 35sheep 5.9.2007
    I know - If your strip doesnt develop too fast, I'll get back to that, but Ninja-poo has to find the right door first.

    PS: Get back to the studies Spigaw!!! ;-)
  • Lilit 5.9.2007
    good luck crossing the door! :-D
  • Spigaw 5.9.2007
    Hey, be aware, there's a war beginning in this dimension!

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