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Happy New Year

35sheep on 31. Dec, 2010 — Lang: English

Happy New Year
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  • Umair93 8.1.2011
    just like mad cows... hahaha
  • Umair93 8.1.2011
    Great...... Happy New Year too!!!!
  • Ynnad 4.1.2011
    Great picture, I can't believe we have to wait another year for your Christmas Preparations comics!
  • MISISIS 1.1.2011
    Happy 2011 to you. Nice start
  • alexxander 1.1.2011
    Nice sheet your strip you made how did you make it
  • firelordA2 31.12.2010
  • Brezhoneg 31.12.2010
    Bloavezh mat !
  • Neinire 31.12.2010
    I like it firework:)
  • BaalMoloch 31.12.2010
  • calm 31.12.2010
    Happy New Year, 35Sheep! Your strip delivered your message with a bang! :-)
  • ryoko 31.12.2010
    YAY! miss you! Happy New Year!
  • haicaibrasileiro 31.12.2010
    Wow! You have a happy and great new year!
  • Zoltar 31.12.2010
    EXCELLENT !!! I like the fireworks effects on the letters !
  • Maoriman 31.12.2010
    Happy New Year Sheepie!
    It published on the 31st but I just happened to catch it in the 'Latest Strips' publications. It didn't appear in my Stalks publications?

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  • Flash 31.12.2010
    Happy New Year 35sheep!!!
  • bluesockmonkey 31.12.2010
    hurrah!! Happy New Year to you!!!

    (i happened to see your strip under Latest Strips--and was drawn irresistably to click on it, naturally, due to its beauty--but it was not in my Stalks Gallery, where it should have been also. It was published at 7pm US Eastern Time, 12/30/10. i made my New Year's strip a Strip Reply to yours, and put an explanation on my strip too--hope that helps! And also reported the problem in the Forum.)

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  • Schnukiputzie 31.12.2010
    LOVE IT! Very cute :)

    Oh yeah, and Happy New Year!

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