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What are you?

UncleByBlood on 23. Dec, 2010 — Lang: English

What are you?
  • This strip is a reply to Neurons




    Everyone knows that it takes time for light to travel the vast distances of space...

    What we think of as stars, it is just the past. Old light that is only a memory of the star that produced it. What we accept as an eternal truth of the night sky is only our fleeting perception of a moment, long gone.


    --- 7 milliseconds for a neuron to fire.

    ---------- 100 milliseconds for us to feel "pain".

    --------------------- 160 milliseconds for us to "hear".

    ------------------------------- 190 milliseconds for us to "see".

    It takes time for us to react to the world around us. It takes approximately...

    And that's just simple reaction time! It takes longer to recognize, to respond. All our perceptions, all our reactions are IN THE PAST.

    What we think of as our Self, it is just the past. By the time we think of the exact present moment, it is already gone. What we accept as the truth of our being is only a fleeting perception of a moment already gone.


    ...about 8.4 minutes from the Sun...

    ...4.2 years from Proxima Centauri, the next closest star.

    Just as we do not need to ask ourselves, "Does the sun provide light during the day", so too would it be silly to ask, "Do I exist?" We are "aware" that we "are" in the exact present moment; and yet - like the stars in the night sky - what we see, hear, touch, taste, feel and think is all a memory, a reaction - it is the past. It is all merely "old light".

    Starlight is only a phenomenon produced by the star, not the star itself. It is only a very small part of the totality of the star. We cannot have any direct knowledge of the star. What we can "know" is only a fraction of what it is, and yet we assume our knowledge IS the star.

    What, then, is the totality that your perceptions and cognition are only a phenomenon of? What is the direct experience of yourself that isn't just a reaction? What are you, in the exact present moment, before you have thought of yourself? What are you?

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  • abrotons 28.4.2014
    I'm an old man in love.
  • opeluna1 4.6.2011
    I'm the compound of experiences, emotions, feelings, actions.... that have brought me here, all blended in a good cocktail of dna..;) cool strip
  • OccamsRayzor 29.5.2011
    This is very, very cool, Uncle.
    @greta_grot - you have it slightly wrong there, I'm afraid. We certainly are all stardust but not from any that you can see. If you can still see them them shining as stars, then it is not possible for their material to have become part of you, since nothing can travel faster than light.
  • Zoltar 29.12.2010
  • greta_grot 28.12.2010
    all i know is that the hydrogen in my blood is from stars that have been around since the big bang.
    those stars that i see shining( from the past), could have been the exact ones that my blood's hydrogen is from. i can go outside tonite and see a part of me shining from the sky.the light from long before i existed. i am made of old stardust.
  • Stiltsen 23.12.2010
    You just went and blew my mind, thanks.

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