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Varg on 15. Dec, 2010 — Lang: No text

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  • Maoriman 14.9.2011
    Bloody hell Varg! I've commented on this and come back to it many a time, but I haven't thumbed it:/ Well let's get that straight right now...
  • THEGREATDOGOO7 14.9.2011
  • dickster 21.8.2011
    this deserves an OMG!
  • chocoholic13 12.8.2011
    It looks magical
  • rukowski 11.8.2011
    Gonna be OMG soon
    not soon enough
    one of my top 5 fave strips on SG
  • wspSOFTIE 8.8.2011
  • Dhinu 3.8.2011
    So colourful ..
  • rukowski 3.8.2011
    @Varg u are OMG to me ;)
  • Patrickfan9 2.8.2011
  • Varg 2.8.2011
    Ruko: yeah, I´m working towards an OMG, diligently... or not very really... ;)
  • rukowski 2.8.2011
    Not long to OMG on this masterpiece ;)
  • dodgeviper 2.8.2011
    looks like disney land :-)
  • Varg 27.7.2011
    Junky: well, I do take advantage of the yellow and the green from the theme packs... without those colors it would really be very drab and boring...
  • dibunt 20.7.2011
    Very nice rainbows, and very nice castle! It's like the Disneylandia castle ^^
  • cambocrazy 19.7.2011
    i like how the sun's rays go through the castle
  • sprinkles101 27.6.2011
    im all about fantisy you'll get athumbs up for every one of these.
  • noisysymphony 23.6.2011
    Super likes :))
  • Elgar 21.6.2011
    Very nice
  • OccamsRayzor 11.6.2011
    That really is a fantastic rainbow, Varg
  • OccamsRayzor 11.6.2011
    Stupendous! A very beautiful picture, but also an impossible one, unless that is a reflection of the sun from a window - or perhaps it is a burst of magic? :D

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