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Surpriseee :) New SG Christmas pack is here!

LouD on 13. Dec, 2010 — Lang: English

Surpriseee :) New SG Christmas pack is here!
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  • gregheffleydude1 24.1.2012
    That's not new now.
  • Heinrich 19.1.2012
    I bought it. Great pack :)
  • NathanTo 13.11.2011
    I really want yellow and green.
  • mestrehelber 15.12.2010
    grats for de pack. It provides many possibilities. :D
    I purchased yesterday

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  • LouD 15.12.2010
    @clh you made a valid point. Our current path is such as it is and who knows? It will probably change in the future.

    @Brezhoneg why not?
  • cheesemaster 15.12.2010
  • Brezhoneg 14.12.2010
    I cannot buy this...
  • clh 13.12.2010
    I really like SG, I had a lot of fun here. I understand you have to earn money and I agree 4$ is a fair price for a theme pack. Still I believe that colors are essential part of drawing and should be free. So I would accept the idea of charging for some extended features etc., but not for this. Instead of gaining 200 new active users, you guys gonna earn around 200$. Judging from the today's strips you've sold it to 3 users. You call that surprise? Also bad timing, Christmas is a time of gifts.
  • LouD 13.12.2010
    There is still A LOT of things you can do for free on SG. We also don't force you with many ads. We even implemented ads in a way AdBlock plugins can remove them. And maybe theme packs aren't perfect (yet) ;) but hey... We are trying :)
  • cirkuz 13.12.2010
    yay yellow
  • Varg 13.12.2010
    Thanks for the awesome dark blue!! And the yellow... of course... but even more for the dark blue!!
  • Stiltsen 13.12.2010
    Very nice. i'm glad it can be masked, i just wish i had a credit card...
  • LouD 13.12.2010
    You can mask it and play with it? :D
    We can't just give you everything ;)
  • SnakeYukin 13.12.2010
    Hurrah... but the tree isn't green?

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