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Louisiana on Facebook

icarlii101 on 9. Dec, 2010 — Lang: English

Louisiana on Facebook
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    Hey, Mercedes. Whatcha doin'?

    Oh, hey Katalina. Just stressing over this facebook post.

    Oh, really? What did someone write this time?

    ...And so, I pledge to raise 1 million francs to replenish the cost...

    Hehe, someone named "Louisiana's Loss" claims that he'll raise enough money to buy Louisiana back from the U.S.

    He does realize that the purchase cost 60 million francs?

    That's what makes it funny. Apparently he doesn't. Anyway, France wouldn't want the state back. They've branched out to other sects of Europe, and South America.

    Yeah. Bonne chance, en Louisiane.

    Oui. Vous êtes le nôtre!

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