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terwallace on 9. Dec, 2010 — Lang: English

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    Having made my share of saves in my day, including many, many holes I should never have been able to dig my way out of, lemme tell you- that was a good one. And trust me, none of my saves resulted in the making of cookies, so double-bonus!

    Dammit, now I want cookies too...




    So Dad, how come everyone is rasing their hands?

    We were just voting on whether or not Zombie should bake cookies today.

    Cookies? I like cookies!

    Can I help make 'em?

    Of course you can, honey, as long as Zombie says it's ok.

    Can I help Unca Zombie? Please?

    Hop on Kiddo! We've got cookies to make!

    YAY!!!! Zombie-Back ride!

    Cookie makers away!!!!


    Dude, that was the single greatest save in all of human history.

    Now I want Cookies!

    Gonna get interesting with her around, huh?

    Oh yeah.

    Thanks. That was some of my best work.

    So that's how many I owe you now?

    Meh, who's counting. Besides, I think I was protecting her as much as you.

    Plus now we get cookies.

    I'm just that damn good!

    And Connor Makes the Save!

    Connor, Wesley, Rachel, Jainie, Zombie, Felicia, Giraffe
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  • Flamingdeath 14.12.2010
  • ashtonontheradio 12.12.2010
    ..and seriously, Veronica's been asking for cookies a week solid. That's all the kid wants to eat. I have no zombie, but I think I'm atleast part Wes.
  • justin95 10.12.2010
  • cirkuz 10.12.2010
    the feel good strip of the season ;)
  • Maoriman 10.12.2010
    Break out the cookies! As long as they don't have brains in them it's all good...
  • ashtonontheradio 10.12.2010
    Get out of my head!
  • 35sheep 9.12.2010
    he he he ...

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