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Chemistry Part 1

mathewnunez on 8. Dec, 2010 — Lang: English

Chemistry Part 1
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    Pt 1 jp helps mathew with chemical bonding.



    Man, naming chemical bonds like ionic and covalent bonds is hard... hey, JP, can you help me?

    Sure, Mathew, i'll teach you a thing or two!

    Somewhere, in California...

    First off, you have to know the difference between ionic and covalent bonds.

    Ionic bond is a metal bonding with a non-metal and covalent is a non-metal bonding with another non-metal.

    Good! Now a common rule is that you always change the last element ending to -ide. But this does not apply to polyatomic compounds that are in the last position.


    NaCl= Sodium Chloride

    Now, Na is sodium and that is a metal and Cl is chlorine but the last element's ending changed, this is only thing that changes for ionic bonds.

    Oh, I get it!

    Now, when its a covalent bond, you still change the ending but you also have to add a prefix depending on how many of the same element there is. But if there is more than one of the first element, then you also have to change the prefix for that one. Look the chart on ow to label them is on TV!

    and so on.

    Who watches this channel?

    So, two nitrogens and 3 oxygens would be called Dinitrogen Trioxide?


    How about the formula KI?

    That is Potassium Iodide!

    Good! it seems like my work here is done!

    See you tomorrow!

    WAIT! I still need help with balancing chemical equations!

    To Be Continued

    Chemistry Da_Vinci Frank
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