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He's The Only One

terwallace on 7. Dec, 2010 — Lang: English

He's The Only One
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    Poor guy. I think he just broke his brain. He's right, though. Stories like this are usually his thing but he's kinda left behind on this one. My guess is it was just too basic so he bypassed it for...well, the hood of Jainie's car, or possibly the washing machine. Maybe the dishwasher.

    So how do you make this conversation more awkward? You forget you have a daughter who could walk in on the conversation at any given moment.

    Oh it's gonna be fun having her around!



    The Giraffe Pleads The Fifth

    Ok, house meeting. You all either live here, next door, or just end up crashing here a lot.

    So I need a real quick show of hands. Who here has ever done the Horizontal Hoedown on the Kitchen Table?


    At least twice.



    MONGO?!?! The hell? Also how? And who?

    That table is suprisingly sturdy. Also, chicks dig vampires. Even ones as big as me.

    What the hell are you doing in my house?

    I brought a girl home last year, but you BLEW MY HOUSE UP. So I used your kitchen.

    Also, I hate you.

    All of you.

    Giraffe Also Drinks The Fifth

    Great. That's just great. Even my Douchebag Neighbor has managed to get to this table before me.

    And why is the Griaffe upside down?


    Oh God, you've gotta be kidding me!

    How is that even possible?

    Jainie, we live in a world gone mad. A world where somehow I've never gotten freaky on my kitchen table, and eveyone else has. I mean, stories like that are kinda my thing. But it's now a world gone mad!

    A world where...Jainie, why are you raising your hand?

    Uhm, yeah, about that...

    Hell At This Point I'd Just Take a 5th Avenue.

    I don't wanna know.

    What? We had a party, an ex came by, and we forgot we weren't dating for a night. Don't tell me you've never done that.


    And somehow I'm the only one who hasn't. That hurts me. Not even that time I had sex on the hood of your car makes up for it.

    Wait, my car? What the fu-

    You keep shooting me down, so I figured, next best thing.


    Ugh. Can this day get worse?

    Dad, how come everyone has their hand raised?

    And how come you don't?

    This isn't happening...
    This isn't happening...

    Connor, Wesley, Rachel, Jainie, Zombie, Grandpa, Mongo, The Neighbor, The Giraffe, Felicia, The Kitchen Table
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  • justin95 10.12.2010
    very very very very very very very very very cool
  • Horatius 9.12.2010
    That's a lot of fifths...
  • Flamingdeath 8.12.2010
  • Varg 7.12.2010
    Hehehe!! I love the chaos... I live in a commune, and our discussions are, sometimes, as crazy as this... Lovely!!
  • Maoriman 7.12.2010
    Hehehehehe Wes is gonna be torn between playing the good daddy and the coolio young man looking for action hehehehehe Join the club dude...
  • cirkuz 7.12.2010
    there's always a 1st time 4 every thing
  • 35sheep 7.12.2010
    He he he ...

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