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Happy Tears? What?

terwallace on 4. Dec, 2010 — Lang: English

Happy Tears? What?
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    Wes may not be as clueless on the subject as he claims...and now that I've said it I realize that statement is probably true on more than one level.

    If you know Wes by now, you know two things. One, he's telling Jainie the truth. Two, the moment she walked across the table and held his hands, the only thought in his mind was "Ok, now reeeeel her in slowly..."

    But nothing derails that kind of plan like some goodl old fashioned Grandpa TMI!



    Ok, so you and Angie finally had your Awkward Day After Talk. What happened next? Did things get weird?

    Believe it or not, no.

    Me and her, we were pretty tight. Tight enough that it didn't matter.

    We hooked up, but it was just the one time thing. Anyway, that was midway through the fall semester.

    She went home for Christmas break, and everything was normal.

    But she didn't come back. She said her parents were having another baby.

    Which was a huge surprise, her parents being older than normal for that.

    So she was going to take a semester or two off and help them get ready for her baby sister.

    Wasn't a big deal, really. I mean, she was a Mclaren after all. She had all the money she could ever want. Getting her degree was just something she wanted to do.

    Of course, Angie was the one expecting, not her parents.

    Gotcha. So she ran away?

    No, not really. We talked to her all the time, me and Connor both. She hid it well.

    I don't get it, why didn't she tell you she was pregnant?

    Because she knew things we didn't.

    Y'see, She knew that people were after the Mclaren Fortune, and Felicia was the heir as soon as she was born.

    People had come after her and her parents already. So she was keeping Felicia a secret.

    One thing about Angie, she always knew what she was doing.

    Anyway, a while later, her parents died in a car accident. That was the story anyway. We don't think it was an accident.

    Things were rough. Angie came back here, and she brought Felicia with her. She wasn't even a year old yet.

    And I knew. The moment I laid eyes on Felicia, I knew she was mine.

    She was asleep, so I put her back in her crib.

    And then, I told her I knew. Must have been the wrong thing, because Angie started crying,

    Not that I'm surprised you'd bring a grown woman to tears, but what did you say?

    I looked at her and all I said was "Angie, our daughter may be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."


    I know, probably said it wrong.

    Wes, don't you get it you dummy, she was crying because she was happy!


    Wait, that can happen?

    Uh, yeah. Wes, women are emotionally complex beings.

    But we're not that hard to understand. She was crying because she was happy, on many, many levels.

    Crap. I just figured I'd screwed things up or something.

    Oh For God sake Wes, there's more to relationships than just having sex on the kitchen table!

    But that part is definitely a lot of fun!

    Jainie...You're Crushing...My...Hands...

    I swear to God, if that old man says what I think he's about to say...

    That table is surprisingly comfortable.


    Wesley, Jainie, Felicia, Grandpa
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  • Maoriman 7.12.2010
    Way to GO GRANPA! YAHOOOOOOO! I still reckon the table could be a sentient being, and in that case we be gonna hear some STORIES hehehehehehe
  • ryoko 4.12.2010
    That table has seen a lot of action... I really am enjoying the strip so far.
  • cirkuz 4.12.2010
    i'll never look at a kitchen table the same way ever again!

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