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Ascension - Tutorial for Fools Yellow

Ambrosius77 on 2. Dec, 2010 — Lang: No text

Ascension - Tutorial for Fools Yellow
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    I still have the recipe only for baby poo yellow... Only good for a poisoned Bart Simpson...:D

    So the recipe:

    - 100% black
    - 10% inverted red (cyan). this is not necessary.
    - 80% Robert Green (or 100% if you do not use cyan)
    - 70% inverted Blue(Brown) If you use more opacity it looks orange-ish.

    It's only looks yellowish on a black background. Try use different colors near them, making an optical illusion. On some TFTmonitor it's not work at all.

    Other free recipes:
    - 100% black
    - 50% inverted blue (the lower the darker)

    - 100% black
    - 70-80% inverted blue

    More free than Green
    -100% black
    - 30% or lower inverted red (cyan) at 10% its rather good, but too dark.

    More free than Yellow
    - 100% black
    - 30% inverted red (cyan)
    - 60% inverted blue

    Fade Purple
    - 100% black
    - 50% red
    - 50% blue

    This strip is a reply to Homer needs yellow, Lightbringer Reborn, Tutorial: The perfect nothing...
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