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Dude #20-O RLY? part two

Crazzy_cat on 30. Nov, 2010 — Lang: Русский

Dude #20-O RLY? part two
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    Hey guys,let's go for a walk

    YA. Let's go

    Oh man, stop.

    It's you again?

    Yes, I want to... WOW! A knife!

    Let's get outta here! I killed a man!

    End of episode #20

    O RLY???

    YA RLY

    Dude, O RLY
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  • Warhammerfan 19.12.2010
    hes already got a skull for a head !!!!????
  • cirkuz 30.11.2010
    what can we learn from this? ok 1st thing never and I can't express this enough never leave a knife with your finger prints on it, in a dead body!-and yes "O RLY"

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