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And the winner is...

DarkPg77 on 31. Aug, 2007 — Lang: English

And the winner is...
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  • Yaza 31.8.2007
    ASHA e xideum
  • Spigaw 31.8.2007
    It's gonna be hard to know :p
  • chicodelosbolis 31.8.2007
    mmmmmmm you?
  • Platowe 31.8.2007
    Gerdbonk and xideum--easy calls--asha and MC have long earned the honor, even though MC already has it, and 2 months max is the limit (should that be expanded for certain genius strips like MC's??). Lilit and neokratos should too. Spigaw's a dynamo. Aside: caroot's "kiss" is an unBribed strip of expressive creative genius.
  • mrstew 31.8.2007
    I say ME!
  • tehpillar 31.8.2007
    IMO : Spigaw, ASHA, gerdbonk... But I must be wrong for that kind of riddle :)
  • MadameCercle 31.8.2007
    - - - suspens !

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