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Angelic Roles.

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Angelic Roles.
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    Council member, respected members of the angelic council which helps makes descision and discuss current topics.

    Usually intelligent and greatly respected throughout the angelic community.

    Council leader, helps make compromises among the council and usually starts the dicussions, which are usually on current threats.

    Council Member

    Council leader

    Usually intelligent and greatly respected throughout the angelic community.

    Scholar, records history and is himslef usually a historian. They're highly important.

    Usually studious and respected by the community.



    Grandmaster, a powrful warrior whom protects Heaven and defeats any enemies. Usuallyonly 5-7 of them at a time.


    Aristocrat, a rich angel whom is rather high up in the communty.

    The respect given to them is second only to God himslef.

    Respected throughout Heaven. However, the majority of angels are aristocrats.


    Commoner, ironically, not so common. Commoners are a lot less rich than aristocrats, and make up the few workers, using simple magic to do their job.

    Halfway respected.


    Basically the police for Heaven, and aren't just pwans, but are highly trained.

    Usually strong and fairly respected by the community.


    They search out and assassinate threats to Heaven or SG, and it's rumored a Grandmaster is occasionally also an assassin.

    To secretive for anyone to know who they are.

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