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SSGG S2: The History of the black Locusts

Streetin on 14. Nov, 2010 — Lang: English

SSGG S2: The History of the black Locusts
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    First frame: 12 years ago
    Second: 11 years ago
    Third: 10 years ago
    Fourth: 2.5 years ago
    Fifth: 2.5 years ago
    Sixth: 1 year ago
    Seventh: 3 months ago
    Eighth: Now



    I have a dream... a dream of a utopia.

    How do you plan to create it? War will never stop, Zsall.

    The people need to fear someone so powerful they wouldn't dare act out.

    You're not actually gonna do this and be that person, are you?

    I have to...

    We need more people if there's gonna be a war.

    I know Catana, I'll see If I can recruit more people to join us.

    Who would want to join us?

    People who actually care. We already got Krex to join us, he even volenteered to search for more people.

    Hello, I came to join your group.

    Who are you?

    Just call me... Eto.

    You're welcome to join, we need a lot more members.

    hehhe... good.

    How many members?
    Currently only 12.


    ...but all of them are elite-level.

    My name's Kenny... Kenny Reid. Your recruiter Krex found me and fixed me up.

    I wanna join, this world is cruel, disgusting place... and I would do anything to improve it.

    I lost my left arm, leg, and have of my face was destroyed... as you can see.

    Welcome to the team... and If I may... I have a plan for you.

    Zsall! Zsall! Krex died, and so did Kenny...!!!

    Wha!? NOOO!!!! How?!

    Spunkn, Noonie, Streetin, and the black-haired angel killed them!!!

    I had a feeling these people would get in the way of my utopia!!! OH god no!!! ...well, Kenny did serve his use as a distraction... but still...

    I'd like to join you, as I also dream of a utopia.

    There will be a ninth year festival in Inboxarr this year... Noonie will be going, so if we give the impression we're after her, then the rest of the serpents will go too. Again, they will all be in the same place... and vunerable. I'll g there before -hand in desguise.

    Then what?

    Most of the Locusts will be there... and they'll be out-numbered. They'll be slaughtered! Hehehaha! ... and the... we persuade Inboxarr to secede.

    I'm thinking about killing Eto, Catana.


    You know, he's crazy! All he wants to do is kill people for no reason!

    He's the exact opposite of what this organization stands for!...and I think he wants to kill... me.


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