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Sink into your eyes and all I see....

greta_grot on 11. Nov, 2010 — Lang: No text

Sink into your eyes and all I see....
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  • EdWilder 16.7.2012
    Very nice...
  • greta_grot 8.3.2012
    Its not bad, i doubt i could ever do this great work again. because i'm too f lazy, and if i work for more than an hour on something its because i really want it to get attention, which isn't very often , i kinda just entertain myself by making strips , theres heaps that i made the settings to private
  • Maoriman 7.3.2012
    Wow I missed this, great work...
  • asfaltocaldo 28.12.2011
    interesting technique for a very nice image!
  • sezer_akbulut 14.9.2011
  • Varg 15.12.2010
    Very cool!
  • clh 14.11.2010
    Wow that's great! I've tried to use same technique but failed. Faved!
  • firelordA2 12.11.2010
  • dziubek 12.11.2010
  • Drachir 11.11.2010
  • Stiltsen 11.11.2010
    Very Nice!!! Greta's getting good! Faved.
  • 35sheep 11.11.2010

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