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clh on 9. Nov, 2010 — Lang: English

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    First of all, thank you all for your comments and taking me to the front page this week.

    This quick tutorial is an aswer to some questions I've received recently. I can't explain how I do my strips step by step, but I hope this tutorial can help you understand something I've been using a lot in my strips. It's a simple technique that I've used to create strips like 'what lives in a tree' or 'uncharted waters' and many more.



    how to make clh's ultimate multipurpose object ;) Grab the 'splash' shape. Resize it till you get very small object. Set zoom to 300-400% Set opacity to 10. Turn off the 'Guide lines' Duplicate it 5 to 15 times, every time move it a litte and flip it horizontally and vertically sometimes. Aim for 'smudge' or brush stroke shape or any other shape you want. Avoid pure black spots. Group it. Reset zoom to 100. 1. Put some color at the bottom (e.g. blue 100% opacity and black 60% opacity), resize your object to a whole frame, lower opacity, add a little bit of blur if you like, invert it if you need , duplicate once or two and you'll get 'random' background.
    2. You can use that object to shade some other objects.
    3. Actually you can almost paint with it.
    4. You will get best results with clouds, water, snow, rain effects, rendering lights, backgrounds.
    5. If you are having trouble creating that object, grab it from my library.
    6. Experiment and have fun ;)

    clh, tutorial
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  • calm 7.2.2017
    I've been perusing your strips...and I'm in awe! What a joy to discover you again! :-)
  • thecomedyhen 7.7.2014
    Cool tutorial
  • Mooshka 19.9.2013
    Awe-some idk what else too say now!!!! Dx o wait WAIT i remembered........Awe-some-NEZZ lol!
  • purplekiss 30.10.2012
    this is awesome. very helpful. i'm on it!
  • MJardin 16.8.2012
  • Patrickfan9 24.1.2012
    Great tutorial!!!!!
  • calm 6.1.2012
    I'm so glad that Marioman linked this strip! This is a fabulous tutorial! What a cool technique! Faving! :-)

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  • JRMarklin 6.1.2012
    With the tutorials, you learn something else. Furthermore, you make them show generosity
    Con los tutorials, se aprende algo más. Además, el que los realiza demuestra generosidad
  • CheeseYAY 22.11.2011
  • gregheffleydude1 11.11.2011
    Wow! Amazing tutorial!
  • NathanTo 2.9.2011
    Awesome tutorial!
  • nkim1 12.12.2010
    really helpful
  • Minikid 11.11.2010
    Hey man this strip is very cool
    i liked so much you is very good in strip generator
    see my strips too
    thanks minikid!!!!
  • screenman 11.11.2010
    very nice and thnx !
  • intriga 11.11.2010
  • Veronique 10.11.2010
    wow¡¡¡ double grats on bribed¡
  • retrounion 10.11.2010
  • Neinire 10.11.2010
    it looks cool
  • miskec 10.11.2010
  • jujurocks 10.11.2010

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