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On the trail

Varg on 8. Nov, 2010 — Lang: No text

On the trail
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  • Scales 26.1.2012
    I wish I had the talent and patience to do pictures like this. I would aspire to this level were I not such a slug.
  • gregheffleydude1 20.9.2011
    I am really impressed!!!!!!!!
  • bolla21 24.12.2010
    well done
  • blomma 29.11.2010
    verkligen vackert!
  • bolla21 23.11.2010
    you like blur, i see :D
  • mestrehelber 23.11.2010
  • jujurocks 9.11.2010
  • Varg 9.11.2010

    YomiXoX: Nah... not me... not in reality anyway... I´ve never raced with that many dogs and definitely not in that kind of landscape...
  • firelordA2 9.11.2010
  • Brezhoneg 9.11.2010
    Fav !
  • Warhammerfan 9.11.2010
    congrats on bribed
  • Ambrosius77 9.11.2010
  • Flash 9.11.2010
    Awesome!! Congrats on bribed!
  • YomiXoX 9.11.2010
    I guess thats you in the picture eh?? :D Grats on Bribed.
  • cirkuz 9.11.2010
    well done grats on bribed
  • clh 9.11.2010
    Nice winter scape! Grats on bribed!
  • Varg 9.11.2010

    Maoriman: yeah I can sometimes see northern lights from the field outside our house here in Finland... We´re far enough from a major city that the light pollution is quite small, very good for skygazing! Watching northern lights is one of my favorite things in the world!! There are very few things that are as beautiful!! Last time we were at the hight of the solar cycle my mom and I saw some amazing northern lights and soon it´s that time again I think...
  • Drachir 8.11.2010
  • Maoriman 8.11.2010
    Fantastic. Even more fantastic is the fact that you are "familiar" with the northern lights:D What a great thing to be familiar with; I've never even seen them. Right up there on my list of things I MUST do...
  • SnakeYukin 8.11.2010

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