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On the trail

Varg on 8. Nov, 2010 — Lang: No text

On the trail
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  • Ambrosius77 8.11.2010
  • Quantum11 8.11.2010
    Ah, space radiation and the ionosphere. They were made for each other!
  • Varg 8.11.2010
    Yeah... I thought about making northern lights, but I don´t have the green/magenta and I would need that element to make really great northern lights... Hmm... perhaps I could use cyan and red as well, but that´s not the kind of northern lights that I´m familiar with...
  • Quantum11 8.11.2010
    Nice! All that's missing is the Northern Lights!
  • wich 8.11.2010
    I like it !!
  • Varg 8.11.2010

    Some day I´d like to travel to Alaska and se the Iditarod finish in Nome...
  • JRMarklin 8.11.2010
    Good, I like to see the sled race, there is a movie about
  • Stiltsen 8.11.2010
    Very very nice. Ride on!

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