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Flirty Schizophrenics

anonymous on 2. Nov, 2010 — Lang: English

Flirty Schizophrenics
  • Description

    AI boy tries to hit on the girl standing next to him. But what happens when he is interrupted by a vision of his mother reprimanding him for his actions?



    Are you happy now? This is all your fault. What? I'm just a figment of your imagination! God I hate schizophrenia! Hey, baby. What's your name? Maria. Hello. Flirty Schizophrenics
    by Joshua Call Baby? You barely know her! Shut up Mom! So what brings you to town? Ever since I started randomly pooping into your head, you've... Well, originally I lived in New York, but then I moved to ... Mom... Mom...
    Mom! WILL YOU SHUT UP WOMAN!? Blah, blah, blah... Ugh you jerk. Don't tell me to shut up! It's not you, I'm talking to my mother. There's no one else here! You're crazy. I'm leaving.

    flirt, hit, mom, crazy, girl, hotty, schizophrenic, nuts, baby, figment, imagination
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