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Easter Zombie

Quantum11 on 24. Oct, 2010 — Lang: English

Easter Zombie
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    Don't mind the blasphemy, and hope Jesus has a good sense of humor...

    This strip is a reply to GAME / CONTEST: Halloween Zombie's., Zombies



    Not even death can stop me! X X I'll save you Jesus! X X Anyone have a claw hammer? Just hide him in this cave, so no one knows I couldn't save him. Is that you Jesus? Help, someone save me from Jesus double click to write... I don't want your soul, just your delicious brains!

    Halloween zombie contest, jesus, zombie, halloween
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  • cirkuz 25.10.2010
    LMAO@ the line "help! somebody save me from jesus!"

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  • ryoko 25.10.2010
    A little blasphemy never hurt anyone... well as long as we ignore the executions linked to it... lol
  • SnakeYukin 24.10.2010
    Nah, he's just a vampire that can walk in the sun.
  • Spunkn 24.10.2010
    Hahaha! Quick get a shotgun! And this time make sure he stays dead!

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