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Pen_alias on 19. Oct, 2010 — Lang: No text

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    I’m slightly less than completely confident in my artistic ability, so I hope everyone can figure this out without having it explained. At least I don’t have to worry about typos this time.

    chicken, nothing of importance
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  • hansolo 19.10.2010
  • marcia97 19.10.2010
    Heheh Nice
  • Brezhoneg 19.10.2010
  • Flash 19.10.2010
    Very nice!
  • Spunkn 19.10.2010
    The yolk is on him! I know that there is no yellow, but with that red of a yolk it must be a pretty fresh hen, a spring chicken as it were! I preferred "The Hen With the Golden Egg!" Ugh, it's late, I'm tired please just stricken this whole thing from the record!
  • cirkuz 19.10.2010
    thats egg on his face!
  • JRMarklin 19.10.2010
    There are situations that are explicit
    Hay situaciones que son explícitas

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