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Nazi Invasion-Belgium

icarlii101 on 17. Oct, 2010 — Lang: English

Nazi Invasion-Belgium
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    My comic describes the troubles the Holocaust caused in Belgium in 1940.



    Hey, Marina! How would you like to help me write a story? Sure, Katalina! What would our story be about, then? Well, since everyone is learning about the Holocaust in history, I wanted to write from Hitler's point of view. Maybe it would clear up why Adolph had such nasty ideas about Jews. Lets hope! Kassidy, would you like to help us? Well, I know that 50 years ago the Nazis invaded Belgium and wreaked havoc. They kidnapped people and burned down homes. Any survivors were put to work. Almost no one survived, and those who did were scarred for life. Marina, let's hope this helps people understand what actually happened. Sounds good to me!

    Nazi, Hitler, Adolph, Belgium, Europe, Holocaust
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  • cirkuz 18.10.2010
    it is illegal in some European countries to deny the Holocaust!

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