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The mirror, mirror

Neinire on 17. Oct, 2010 — Lang: Česky

The mirror, mirror
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  • screenman 19.10.2010
    nice !
  • wich 18.10.2010
    zrcadlo řekne vše :D
  • Flash 18.10.2010
    Or does it? Dun dun dun!!
  • cirkuz 18.10.2010
    looks like the government steps in and decides for us again even when we didn't ask!
  • Spunkn 18.10.2010
    Hahaha! No patience!
  • JRMarklin 17.10.2010
    Many fail to recognize what the mirror shows them
    Muchos no quieren reconocer lo que el espejo les muestra

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