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I still here my friends

Phiman on 9. Oct, 2010 — Lang: English

I still here my friends
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    "My friends with such a busy year I am sorry to have been absent from the music scene of SG but I am still recording and thinking of you guys. I have been busy but well. My Spanish brothers also visit in November..soo excited.

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  • DepresiveNeko 11.10.2010
    im glad i see you
  • precel 10.10.2010
    i remember u ;p
  • SnakeYukin 9.10.2010
    We still remember you... and good to see you around again... even if for a bit.
  • JRMarklin 9.10.2010
    Hello Phiman, no one here forgets
    Hola Phiman, nadie te olvida por aquí
  • kikivg 9.10.2010
    i'm your friend

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