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Never settle for "men" like Jerry

soulfulsistah on 7. Oct, 2010 — Lang: English

Never settle for "men" like Jerry
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    Lies, selfishness, wasteful beings, and more lies. Yup, nobody does it like Jerry!



    I know I get upset over little things and not do enough in the relationship which makes you sad. I'll try and be stronger for you so that it can get better, I promise. Trust me, if all I could have is you in my life I wouldn't even care if I had my dream career. Less than 1 month later Everything is your fault and I'm leaving you. You have issues. I am going to get my career going w.o you. Why are you so calm and content about this?? Because I am trying to be a stronger person. You didn't wanna be stronger for the relationship but now after you break up w me??? It doesn't make sense right now, I know. But give me a few mins & I'm sure I can figure out a way to blame that on you too.

    relationship, breakup, fight, broken trust, lies, love
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