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Fading sky - tutorial

Varg on 5. Oct, 2010 — Lang: English

Fading sky - tutorial
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    I felt like making a tutorial about skys because that´s my speciality... Anyone want a tutorial about something else?

    This strip is a reply to Sunset - tutorial, Old bridge, Cloud tutorial, Twilight forest, Zombie contest



    Do you want to make a beautiful sky? But it just looks... striped? 1. Take a black drop and a blue block. This is an easy way to do it! 2. Take the black drop and enlarge it so that the blue block fits inside it. 3. Move the blue block to the back and click on the mask-button, then click on the black drop and again on the mask-button. The result is a new blue block. Compared to the normal blue block, the new block blurs much more. Old block New block Blurred 50 Blurred 50 4. Now you can make a sky by layering blurred blue blocks of different opacity. You can use the same technique with other colors as well, or to accomplish a smooth transition between colors.

    sky, tutorial, blur, varg
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