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Cartoon Physics - The Peer Review Process

Horatius on 4. Oct, 2010 — Lang: English

Cartoon Physics - The Peer Review Process
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    The Engineers didn't like the buckling model I used, so this is an update



    Sudden failure leads to this... Or this.... Or this.... Which then leads to one of these cases: Imagine a Coyote&Roadrunner-like "TWANG!" sound here. 8-story column pinned at upper and lower ends (black dots) where the column joins the upper and lower sections Sudden release of elastic forces in members after fracture strightens them a bit, misaligns the ends, and also imparts some turning moment, enhancing the mis-alignment. Broken ends fall past each other (real life is 3D, remember!) Essentially zero support anywhere between upper pin and lower pin.

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  • cirkuz 9.10.2010
  • Horatius 4.10.2010
    As an update for those of you who refuse to ignore me: one idiot has completely ignored my efforts, and another one chooses to critique my art rather than discuss the physics.

    So just about the response I was expecting.

    I'm not sure if that means I've won, or if the idiots have.
  • terwallace 4.10.2010
    Nice model! Deep down, I think the "Twang" Sound effect occurs more often in my life than I realize.
  • SnakeYukin 4.10.2010
    Oh things happen.

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