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Wanky And Jerky # 8 - Economy Crisis

AndreasKiel on 1. Oct, 2010 — Lang: English

Wanky And Jerky # 8 - Economy Crisis
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    How to recognize a crisis. Sorry for the numbering error.



    double click to write... Wanky And Jerky #7 - Economy Crisis In the News, they say this is the WORST economy crisis ever! Nonsense. There is nothing like a "crisis". Not in the GREAT U.S.A.! WAITRESS!!!
    Six Double-Cheeseburgers,
    Four giant Whoppers,
    half a ton of French fries ...
    ... and a SMALL diet Coke! DIET COKE IS OUT! You were right. There
    IS a crisis. double click to write... TV News never tells us lies.

    Enonomy Crisis Wanky Jerky
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