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Your Call

dawg123 on 29. Sep, 2010 — Lang: No text

Your Call
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    Its your call babe you wished that you wanted me to leave you alone well whatever you say what ever you want I will grant it for you just say it and I will leave from your life from your mind.I fyou want me to swim in the ocean for you because you heard there was a pearl necklace then I will go and get it for you whatever you say whatever you want I will do it.But I am letting you know that if you wish me to leave you,you know that it will be hard from me to walk away from a pretty face like yours but it was your wish and your wish will be granted. This story isnt true so dont feel sad for it...unless you want to. Oh and those are shadows under the arms not extra arms. hope you enjoy it!

    This strip is a reply to Fall For You, Stay Awake For Me
    dawg123, drawing, sketch, story, romance, beach, scenery, secondhand, serenade, love
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