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Tutorial - Custom characters

35sheep on 22. Sep, 2010 — Lang: English

Tutorial - Custom characters
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    Hi! I've been asked a couple of times, if I could show how to make 'custom characters', so in this tutorial I'll try and show you some of the basics, by showing how the donkey is made.

    I've tried making this a beginners turtorial, so please bear with me, if I go too much into details!!! :-)

    Here we go: Donkey is made almost entirely by shapes. you find them in 'Items' -> 'Shapes' Start by making the body. Shape it from a black rectangle, and place to white rectangles on top. The top one has an opacity of 55 and the lower one 70, to give the two shades of grey Shape a leg from another black rectangle with a 55 opacity white on top. The hoof is made from a black semi circle. Select the leg with the hoof and duplicate it 4 times. Arrange them ad place them behind the body. The tail is made from a black rectangle and the teardrop shape. Shape, resize and rotate, and again: Send the tail to the back and place it behind the body. The head is a little more complicated, but the principle is the same. Make the head shape by combing a black rectangle and a black semicircle. Add a 55 opacity white rectangle and a 70 opacity white semicircle, made by inverting a black semicircle Add hair made from black 'banana'-shapes (sent to back), eyes from 'items' -> 'objects' (rotate them if you want him to be cross eyed) and nostrils made from black circles. Add ears made from black and 70 opacity white semicircles. Place them behind the head Now rotate the head, and place it in front of the body, et voila!!! :-)

    If you select the entire donkey and group it, you can save it to your library, and use it over and over again!

    Enjoy! Nøf!

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