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Fall For You

dawg123 on 15. Sep, 2010 — Lang: No text

Fall For You
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    I see you and I notice you look different you look more breath taking than ever.I hear your boyfriend broke up with you I cant believe that he just let go of somebody like you.You are a girl that is impossible to find.I come up to you and I start talking to you,you tell me youve missed me this summer as so have I.we walk together but this time I decide to walk you to your house to make sure you get there safe I do it everyday after school.Sometimes I go out of my 7th period and buy you food to remind you I am thinking of you.We may have been talking trash to each other last year but this year is a whole different year with possibilities.We talk and it seems like the past is behind us and we start talking like were starting all over.You tell me I make you smile as you do the same to me.Today I will fall for you over again and today couldnt end up any better. Hope you guys like it....this really is real you get to read the world of Dawg123's life....the book has been opened.

    Song for the mood...and its only one guy doing it all he makes really nice music.

    This strip is a reply to Sketch 11 (Never leave you alone), A Kid Named Cudi, Broken Heart 3
    songs, secondhand, serenade, love, romance, dawg123, drawing, true, story, dawg, production
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