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Screaming on the Rooftops

dawg123 on 12. Sep, 2010 — Lang: No text

Screaming on the Rooftops
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    I go on top of my roof top bring out the big speakers with my mic and sing out to the crowd screaming on the rooftop making no regrets and just scream my heart out until neighbor calls the cops and stops the whole thing.Is it a true story? its not but this song makes me feel like doing it!...and probably will eventually so hope you like it and the music.

    those lights on the bottom is the cops obviously...or you could think of it as strobe lights let your mind run wild!!

    This strip is a reply to Stunna glasses at night
    song, music, rock, roll, alternative, lost, prophets, dawg123, drawing, party
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  • Flash 12.9.2010
    Yeah!! Rock on!!
  • cirkuz 12.9.2010
    the Beatles did the same thing in the "Let It Be" movie they shut them down as well as all of London came to a grinding halt to listen to them ;)
  • cheesemaster 12.9.2010

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