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now in my library... Funny lil bear

felinefelix on 9. Sep, 2010 — Lang: English

now in my library... Funny lil bear
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    funny lil bear is now in my library



    funny lil bear... ...&his eye! double click to write... Wheres my yellow honey? Now in my library is: I want YELLOW!

    now in my library, funny lil bear
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  • lindgren 22.10.2010
    omgomg, i want to hugg it! :D
  • dawg123 9.9.2010
    Give him yellow dammit! hes cute hehehe
  • cirkuz 9.9.2010
    great job on the eye
  • MZZA 9.9.2010
    XD lol

  • SnakeYukin 9.9.2010
    Yeah... a new bear for people to murder.

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