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night auditor: it's all relative

DRG on 7. Sep, 2010 — Lang: English

night auditor: it's all relative
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    Maybe I'm out of touch, but the last time I checked, even under a constitutional monarchy, there is no excuse for being a tool.



    1:36 am Sir, You and your guests will have to keep the noise down, or you will have to leave. What!? This is an outrage! I paid good money to be here! double click to write... double click to write... I'm sure, sir; but so have our other guests. So, please, keep it down. Oh really? And what if we don't? Huh, tough guy? Then, I'll be forced to call the authorities and have you removed. double click to write... But, you can't!! I'm the Prime Minister's Cousin!!!! Looks like another reason not to vote for him.

    night life, humour, hotel, hospitality, drunk, drinking, loud, rude, customers, guests, relative, politics, back shift
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