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Had a good birthday.

Flamingdeath on 6. Sep, 2010 — Lang: No text

Had a good birthday.
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    Today,my dad to me to Medevil times.I got one of those glow in the dark sword thingys.And a dragon necklace.When I got back to my moms house,(Btw,my mom and dad are divorced if you don't already know.But he has visiting rights,and i see him every two weekend.Which is about 4 days out of every month.)some of my realatives were here.About two hours ago,we had cake.I had cookies n' cream ice cream cake.I don't like chocolate very much,but still ate a some of the cake,and the oreo that was on my peice.Take that chocolate!Now,I'm just sitting at the computer,online,listening to korean music.

    Had, a, fun, time, birthday, Medevil, Times
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  • scorpion6782 11.9.2010
    I knew it would turn out good! because im physcic.
  • cizgisavar 8.9.2010
    çok iyi yaaaaa:D
  • dawg123 6.9.2010
    Thats cool! woa I only see my dad four times in a month also! and ive been to medival times its fun and im glad you enjoyed your birthday
  • SnakeYukin 6.9.2010
    Good to have a good birthday.
  • cirkuz 6.9.2010
    wow a necklace so long it drags on the ground! dragon necklace lol ;) good to hear you had a swell time!
  • Brezhoneg 6.9.2010
    cool !
  • Doll 6.9.2010
    Yay! That's awesome!
  • Flash 6.9.2010
    Awesome!! Sounds like you had fun!!
  • Spunkn 6.9.2010
    Sounds like a fantastic birthday! Happy birthday again! Hope you got everything you wanted!

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