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-The Two Monkeys- Fat People

Flash on 3. Sep, 2010 — Lang: English

-The Two Monkeys- Fat People
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    Have you noticed how they block doorways? Uhhh, would you mind moving, your kinda in the way. I'm stuck!! Hello...We are here today to tell you about fat people. Yes.......Yes we are. Or how they're always sitting on thier asses!! Come on dad!!! I wanna go to the park!! Later!!! I'm busy!! Or when they HAVE to have as much junk food as they can get. OOOOOOOOO Hamburgers, I'll take 20!! And I'll have 2!! Sorry dude, this lady bought the last 20!! Or when you get in bed with them, one side sinks!! I'm falling off!!! And sinking!! AHHH!! How did I get up here?? But there is one good thing they are used for!!! *Boing* TRAMPOLINES Hahaha!! This is fun!! If you are offended by this we are really really sorry!! It is just a little joke!!

    Two, Monkeys, Fat, People
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  • Flash 4.9.2010
    @Flamingdeath: Hahah!! Can't believe you've tried!!
  • dawg123 3.9.2010
    Hahahaah! @spunkn AHhahaahalololol
  • Spunkn 3.9.2010
    I also hate it when they're walking behind you down a hill, and then they trip and fall and start rolling, and you have to Indiana Jones it out of there!
  • Flamingdeath 3.9.2010
    The trapmoline thing DOES NOT work. I know I've tried.But trampolines are AWESOME!
  • cirkuz 3.9.2010
    life is one big fat joke!
  • SnakeYukin 3.9.2010
    No... the trampoline thing doesn't work.
  • Marle 3.9.2010
    Hahaha, nice one!

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