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Broken Heart 3

dawg123 on 1. Sep, 2010 — Lang: No text

Broken Heart 3
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    Today I found out something that I thought you would never do to me.I thought you were the one that was really real for me until today you just became like the other chicks that come and go.I kept telling myself that you were then it turned out that you weren that you might be the one but when everything feels so better and great there always is a big downhill just to remember you that this is reality and not some Fairy Tale.The first time I talked to you was in June at first I thought we would of ended up as friends but for some reason you were the one that was coming to me that was calling me txting me.From morning to night everyday same routine morning to night at first I thought I would be boring you but you said no that I always made your day that I always make her laugh and feel better.Later I thought maybe she does like me me and her liked alot of the same things we both acted wierd both were making each other laugh.I told her that I will take over the world for her and we would have a gummi bear and skittle army so you and I could eat them whenever we wanted them.We dont talk for a week I dont think of anything just letting each enjoy our summer with our friends I talk to her again but I feel something wrong dont feel like you are yourself.Couple days later and its the last time I talk to you,you still dont sound like yourself just thinkin maybe school is hard for her.Later I find out she has another man and it ends like that...The girl that seemed so real from the rest was also fake.Cant move on im trying to erase you from my mind but its hard......

    This strip is a reply to Broken heart
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