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No ball, ssssh! What to do now!

Burgess09 on 27. Aug, 2010 — Lang: English

No ball, ssssh! What to do now!
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    Pattern number 4: Monotransitive. I tried to exploit the singularities of "ball," the Object in the original example. Only for connoisseurs.



    dept (4)Somebody caught the BALL. R. Quirk et alii
    1972, 343 GRAMMAR
    GENERATOR s v o double click to write... lI'll play some music. I love salsa. We're having a ball! double click to write... We can't play softball then! Let''s CONSTRUCT
    something! Yes! Let's have some soft, pleasurable exercise! I like her
    Let's have
    some fun.

    English, grammar, basic clausal pattern, transitive, double meaning, ambiguity
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